Modern dance is a group of sports dance competitions. The athletes who participate in the competition want a modern dance suit with a tuxedo, a bow tie, a lady with a long skirt, and a formal hairstyle for the banquet.


This project includes waltz, viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and brisk dance. During the competition, the referee does not score the participating athletes, only determines the winning order, and finally wins according to the top three in the overall ranking. There are five dances in the modern dance category: waltz, tango, foxtrot, brisk and viennese waltz.

Theme PromotionLatin Dance Dress
What is Latin dance? Latin dance is divided into Latin ballroom dance and Latin dance: Latin national standard dance is standardized, strict and standard. It is a competitive professional dance formed on the basis of Latin dance. The content is Lombard, Cha Cha, Cowboy, Samba, Bullfighting. Latin dance is also known as Latin style dance or free social dance. It is the origin of the Latin ballroom dance. Latin dance is a popular folk dance. It is characterized by its leisure, leisure and relaxation. It has a large free space to play. It is a passionate, romantic and energetic, fiery, intensely formed by the Latin American people in the long history. The artistic expressions are deeply loved by the Latin American people and become an indispensable part of their lives.

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